Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tip of the Iceberg

We're back and we're still on fire! This Sunday we're going to be celebrating the success of the crusades and each member of the team will have a chance to share some of their personal experiences. Be there!

Here is a video about some of our me it's just the tip of the iceberg. 

There are more videos to come so check the blog often :-).


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miracles in Sabana Yegua

On Wednesday the teams started street ministry bright and early. At the first stop for Jessica's team we prayed the healing prayer with everyone and asked if anyone could tell a difference. One woman came forward and said when she came to watch us she had a headache but when we prayed the pain was gone. Then she said she also had pain in her arm for a long time and she couldn't hold her grand daughter but after she said the prayer she believed she could.

And guess what...she could!!

Miracles are happening here in Sabana Yegua!

The man in the middle of this picture is Leonardo. He prayed the healing prayer at the crusade Wednesday night.

After he prayed God healed him and he could see perfectly clear after many years of bad vision.

Last night was the second night of crusades and there were 2,280 salvations which brings the grand total to 5,958 salvations with 2 crusades left we are going to fly past our goal of 5,000. God is so good.

We heard from a 4 year old boy last night who had been suffering from a terrible headache for a week. His mother had given him medicine and tried everything she could to make his pain go away. When she heard about the Wednesday night crusade she sent the boy on Thursday night with his brother believing that he would be healed... and he was! Praise God! 

God is making a difference in Sabana Yegua through CPC! Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our children's crusade and our last night of the miracle crusade. We'll be home tomorrow :-).


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The People of Sabana Yegua

These people love to be loved. They are some of the sweetest, most loving people I have ever come in contact with. Today my team was the "clown team", Jenna dressed as the clown and she was AMAZING, the kids adored her. Kids followed us from stop to stop, holding our hands, trying to talk to us, those of us who don't speak spanish - we managed with a mixture of broken Spanish, broken English, and broken sign langauge. There were a few kids that not only followed us from stop to stop, they also followed us all the way to the place where we ate lunch. Super sweet kiddos. There was one kid ... Omar/Carlos, who wanted to be in every picture we took! We called him little Don Martin. :)  Yesterday when we played basketball, he told me his name was he said his name was now I just call him OmarCarlos, cutie pie.

Pastor Cesar's wife has cooked us lunch for the last 2 days ...... YUMMMMMMM-OOO, we've have been SO spoiled! His church, right below his house, hold about 200 seats, perfect for the needs of this city. Pastor Kathi ministered to the ladies today and they fell in love with her. She spoke with power and boldness, and blessed all the ladies of Sabana Yegua with Murano Jewelry! they LOVED it! Those pics will be ready tomorrow.

Everyone has such great tales, and we are trying really hard to get everyone to blog, but at lunchtime we are eating and talking about the day, and then after we get back everyone is tired, I promise we will get someone else on here soon!

Pastor Pat and Kathi met with the local mayor - I wasn't there, I was with a team on the streets, but I was told there are pics somewhere. I will find them. we are trying to give you a quick look at the day, but if you have questions, don't be afriad to ask - you can ask on Facebook, or email me at I can only get those emails at night, but I will answer as quickly as I can. Everyone is healthy, happy, excited about the first night of crusades.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Day/Street Ministry Day

Yesterday we went to the beautiful San Rafael beach. It was GORGEOUS and the waves were bodacious. Everyone had so much fun.

Kevin climbed a tree and got some coconuts! Unfortunately he wouldn't allow any photos...but here's a pic of him and our translator Eduardo. He is the coolest!

Here are some of those waves I mentioned earlier. They were pretty serious...they stole Sarah's sunglasses...

Today was our first day of street ministry and it went grrrreat! There were over 500 total salvations and 42 verified miracles. Praise God!

SarahBeth was Freckles the clown today and she was a huge hit with the children.

...and Pastor Pat.

This man was completely healed of his shoulder pains today during street ministry.

After street ministry and a wonderful lunch we did a youth outreach and played basketball and soccer! Pastor Pat even played some soccer. Mandy has some better pictures but they aren't loaded as of yet.

Come back for more!


p.s. Mandy and I are blogging from the lobby and it's kareoke night...we are totally hearing some dominicans sing "Pretty Woman" right now!!! Wish we could share that with you via the blog haha.

Good Times!!!

Hey everyone!!! As you can see Pastor Pat, Pastor Kathi and I made it to the Dominican yesterday! It was smooth flights, great service and wonderful people. We enjoyed some Santo Domingo traffic.....yeeaahh.... More stories on that later.... Today 2 teams went into the city of Sabana Yegua and made 6 different stops - the people were very receptive to the Word and to us. From 9 am till about 1 pm when we gathered for lunch we had 446 confirmed Salvations and 40 recorded miracles!!!! Praise God!!

We can't load pics at this point in time, but we aren't at the hotel. When we get back tonight, Krystle and I will work on that. Last night we had NO POWER at the hotel for the longest time, so no power, means no blog..... we're sorry. But everyone is happy, healthy, having an amazing time, ready to spread the gospel message all over these precious people.....

The team is about to go play some Basketball with the should be amazingly funny. Will share pics tonight!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010


First class. That is how we like to describe the incredible bus we have this week. Partly because of the amazing air conditioner (we were wrapped in blankets yesterday during the bus ride!!) and partly because, well, it says "first class" on the side. I tried to post a video...but it wasn't cooperating. I will see pictures of this bus! Mandy is bringing a camera that will truly do it justice and we can give you an inside look at our first class ride. The air conditioner had us shivering...Lucky for us Josh hoarded all the airplane blankets he could fit into his carry on. He claims he's going to give them as Christmas presents. If you get a blue blanket from Josh at Christmas'll know where it came from.

The team is practicing the skits as I type. It is so beautiful here. You should expect a beautiful Baharona picture filled post tonight. Keep us in your prayers!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dominican Republic Day 1: success

Hi there, Krystle here. We made it to the Dominican Republic with barely any trouble. The biggest obstacle were the shenanigans coming from Josh and Kevin. lol We are staying at a beautiful hotel. Hotel Costalarimar in Baharona. Everyone made it in one piece, no one lost any luggage, and as far as we know nothing was damaged. What a great travel day.

Here's a little video via martin's ipod. (sorry for the stretchiness...we're working out the kinks.)

Tomorrow, Pastors Pat and Kathi and Mandy should arrive. And our agenda is to put the finishing touches on the performances. Get our money exchanged, and yes GO TO THE BEACH!! There will be lots and lots of pictures and possibly even some more videos for you to enjoy.

Keep us in your prayers. We're here to change lives and your support is what got us here :-).

Until tomorrow!